Brawland for Clubs

Brawland works together with the largest Brawl Stars clubs. We support them by giving them the tools they need to manage members or help members with selecting the right club.

Public pages
Brawland offers public pages for all clubs with at least 60 members. The public page shows all feeders statistics, including minimal required trophies, that gives a great overview for players that want to reach the top. In addition to this, all pages can be custom branded with a logo and background, and pages can have a Discord link to their Discord server.

Member insights
Monitoring members is a must-have to maintain an active group of players. Brawland offers an easy to view members overview, including their activity and trophies.

Apply for a partnership
Ready to join Tribe Gaming, Nova Esports and various other clubs? We'd love to hear from you! Just send us a message in our Discord Server, by sending a personal message to our Discord Modmail bot and we're happy to give you the tools you need!

Requirements to apply for Brawland for Clubs:

  • Please only contact us if you are the President of a club, or within the leadership (Board of Directors) of a larger company/club
  • Note that your club needs to have at least 60 members
  • A Social Network (Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) for your club(s) is required
  • Your public club page should be listed somewhere (we prefer an announcement in Discord or a seperate channel with the URL to make it easy for members to see all clubs)