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ब्रावलैंड में आप समाचार आइटम जो कि ब्रॉल्स स्टार्स डेली द्वारा दिया गया है!

Join our Partnership program today!

Hey guys! We just rolled out our new partnership system in which YOU can apply to be our partner! There are some requirements as well...

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Reddit “Big” Announcement revealed

Remember AMA week? Well it has come to a close with today’s “Big Announcement” acting as a closure. However, many feel as though the announcement...

प्रकाशित: 2019-08-16 20:44:25

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Brawler Basics: Tara

Welcome back to another Brawl Basics guide, our series that goes through the stats and the basics for every brawler! In particular, this guide will...

प्रकाशित: 2019-08-16 04:55:19

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Brawl सितारे लीडरबोर्ड

यह पता लगाने की जरूरत है कि क्रॉल स्टार्स के शीर्ष 200 में कौन है? शीर्ष 200 खिलाड़ियों और क्लबों के साथ हमारे लीडरबोर्ड देखें। !

खिलाडि का नाम ट्राफी
1 Avatar of player Mr_LeNain Mr_LeNain Trophy 25288
2 Avatar of player ✠Nisso✠ ✠Nisso✠ Trophy 24876
3 Avatar of player EmerickYT EmerickYT Trophy 24750
4 Avatar of player ↯あちゃぴ指͢定͢ﻬ↯ ↯あちゃぴ指͢定͢ﻬ↯ Trophy 24177
5 Avatar of player Tom Tom Trophy 24083
क्लब का नाम ट्राफी
1 Avatar of club Spanish Mafia Spanish Mafia Trophy 1908664
2 Avatar of club Nova Esports Nova Esports Trophy 1877048
3 Avatar of club Brazilian Storm Brazilian Storm Trophy 1814312
4 Avatar of club Spacestation Spacestation Trophy 1798088
5 Avatar of club LA Spain LA Spain Trophy 1738490