Brawland is not free

Your donation for Brawland goes 100% to the Brawland project.

100% build by the community

Brawland started in December 2018. One Brawl Stars Stats website existed, but had no in-dept history data and graphs and our aim was to give what the community wants.

Started from the scratch

We had setup a simple project with a statistics page and graphs. That was the start of Brawland. Grown to thousands of players tracking their stats every week now, in July 2019.

Running on our own server

We are running Brawland on a 3-core 4GB RAM server at TransIP (The Netherlands). Costs: €55 per month to serve you the data you want.

Stored a lot of data

We've collected data for 300.000 players, 10.000 clubs, 500.000 battles and 4 million+ battle players. This increases with 100.000 database rows, each day.

Completely free

Brawland is 100% free, we do not have any benefits for paying vistors

But hosting and maintaining Brawland is not free.

We have to pay €55 each month for our server and are spending a lot of our spare time in this project. Please donate some money for the server costs. You'll keep Brawland available for all of our visitors, every day of the week.