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World-wide ranking: 200+

Club country: United States

Part of:  Nova Aus

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27 / 100
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725350 (Trophy icon 26865 )
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Nova <c8>Australia</c> Club Family: I - X II Discord: <c8>novaaus</c> | Club League Focused. GONGRATS RAY ON 50K⭐️🏆


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Club Members

Player name Tag Role Trophies
Ray 8Q2GVCC90 Member Trophy icon 49072
QP | Ally13 89LR8UQ2G Member Trophy icon 43507
loki 2GCR90YQ0 Vice President Trophy icon 38683
#Wilson 2Y9PQQ20Y Senior Trophy icon 38057
Evening Swan U9PL9LCJ Member Trophy icon 36969
DB DATS ME 8JV8QQ9PC Vice President Trophy icon 35613
Smug PUJRPY0P Member Trophy icon 35136
Corelepy 920JLGVUQ Member Trophy icon 33823
Brad🍌 2YL0LYLG0 Member Trophy icon 32042
2D | TeeTee 8CY0QCCR9 Senior Trophy icon 32011
𝘿𝙧𝙖𝙜𝙤𝙣|やぎ P2JG0UYU Vice President Trophy icon 28843
PalmOil 2LUJGG Member Trophy icon 28739
Kaim 882P20V Member Trophy icon 27131
br 8J9CLG80U Member Trophy icon 24177
XENO27 2V8JLJL2V Member Trophy icon 23577
⛩Big_Bots⛩ YPJL9CRY0 Member Trophy icon 21810
jessierules101 V9CQGR0V Member Trophy icon 21303
Ninja23 II 9YYCYLY9L President Trophy icon 20026
zeboss_au PQ8V22J9Q Member Trophy icon 19135
⛩|T🦴geR64 99PC0YPPY Member Trophy icon 18674
HYDRA:PARTH 2YPG9YYL Member Trophy icon 18347
MARXMAN 2800RJ8V8 Member Trophy icon 17434
Dran2 PGYVUJ2UQ Senior Trophy icon 16852
Spike PC2Y9UVR Vice President Trophy icon 14313
CacciMini PVR0CLQL Vice President Trophy icon 14062
YT:Ninja23 BS GU0V0PP2 Member Trophy icon 5874
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