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World-wide ranking: 200+

Club country: United States

Part of:  Boréal Mobile Gaming

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17 / 100
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168563 (Trophy icon 9915 )
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Boréal Mobile Gaming ★ discord.gg/XaJUrTe ★ Main: Boréal ★ MG Français 🇫🇷/English ★ Inactif 4 jours= 🥾/Inactive 4 days=🥾 ★


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Club Members

Player name Tag Role Trophies
Nova l むぎったん PQ0VQ0QR Member Trophy icon 18114
Sehriuz ★ Q0RGCRL Member Trophy icon 16388
Cliss Y28RYGP Member Trophy icon 15818
Hovy 29LJ8UVJP Member Trophy icon 15733
HandelWeed 9RVCUGR Senior Trophy icon 14950
yohai 2V9LL008Y Member Trophy icon 14391
Avhyno ★ 9YQQ982 President Trophy icon 11459
Diyar93 PQY9LPL2 Member Trophy icon 11320
мᎥηᎥ BALLER★ 9YJGYRYQQ Vice President Trophy icon 9947
Noob_power Ytb 2RURPJU Member Trophy icon 8662
MiniMarcoux ★ 9LRRJYJ0R Member Trophy icon 8126
ruiner! 2UUCL2 Vice President Trophy icon 8064
ArnoLOL 9Q2YJU9L Member Trophy icon 3814
rafael PJQYRY9G2 Member Trophy icon 3512
M.M.G_pro 2JQ8CJQY2 Member Trophy icon 2906
AtOmiK_SmoKeD G22RUJ2G Member Trophy icon 2890
#TINKERS...!! C988P9VU Member Trophy icon 2469
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