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World-wide ranking: 200+

Club country: United States

Part of:  Nova Aus

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29 / 100
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1276032 (Trophy icon 44001 )
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Nova <c8>Australia</c> • discord.gg/novaaus Full? ↓ <c8>Nova Aus II</c> • League Focused First ANZ <c7>Masters</c>


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Club Members

Player name Tag Role Trophies
Lark Y0JLQVQQ Member Trophy icon 59049
Matty LR2JGPR Vice President Trophy icon 55513
Gene 1-Trick VQ002CC9 Vice President Trophy icon 53828
TheJ 22LYV0LP President Trophy icon 52357
⛩|Roger64|🎋 8VJY90UPG Member Trophy icon 51915
thomas💘s 892JLVRP Member Trophy icon 51514
Bot 222 8RGPRY9J Vice President Trophy icon 49742
Emiliano♔ 9RJJGLJ9 Senior Trophy icon 48584
Slayer 8YRCR0YPL Senior Trophy icon 47940
skye💘t 82008JYLU Member Trophy icon 46022
®®☣️TOXIC☣️®® 289RRRRQ Member Trophy icon 45432
Siuuumaj 🙅‍♂️ LU8R8JC9 Senior Trophy icon 45095
MVP Sʟᴀʏᴇ®|Vìvã 8GQQYQUC9 Member Trophy icon 44553
Xiang Ze 2RL0C8JY Vice President Trophy icon 44367
wнïne🛰 PLL0V8VYG Member Trophy icon 44019
PeanutButter JLUPRVL Senior Trophy icon 42989
TheJ2 9Y9PQ90V Vice President Trophy icon 42311
Suicine94 9JLG8GGR8 Senior Trophy icon 42022
SkarjOS 2JRLQLCL2 Senior Trophy icon 41760
kirbystar1234 9RYYG89CU Senior Trophy icon 40586
kenyanblanc 8U8P0G Member Trophy icon 39494
Sway 2QR22LLQL Member Trophy icon 39244
sad.... 9G8Q889J0 Member Trophy icon 38464
Matty II UJLG2R8R Vice President Trophy icon 35958
RNG Hydra|JL UJVJGCL9 Member Trophy icon 35933
BigFatL 20J8UP08Y Senior Trophy icon 35531
Frost GR9RC88Y Member Trophy icon 35138
🧀 | Not 222 ♡ 8QR2Y8VUY Member Trophy icon 34033
Swift 2JGULVL9L Senior Trophy icon 32557
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