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World-wide ranking: 200+

Club country: United States

Part of:  TwistedByDesign

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30 / 100
Trophy icon Current trophies:
1013570 (Trophy icon 33786 )
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Club status icon open
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<c6>TbD Family</c> |🔱Competitive US club🔱 | DC: <c7>qzvandG</c> | Low 🏆? <c2>TbD Hype</c>


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Club Members

Player name Tag Role Trophies
TbD | Angel UL982Q9 Vice President Trophy icon 43465
TbD | Hub Truck 882LVJPU Vice President Trophy icon 42318
Cactus CV9RVPUY Senior Trophy icon 39015
CHAZ 9YL0JLP9 Member Trophy icon 38581
ɯǝʞıɯ V2QV288G Senior Trophy icon 38320
TbD//SISTG JV2Q2UJP Vice President Trophy icon 38253
TbD//*Mauro° 28RJ2G09C Vice President Trophy icon 37278
StardustPaladin JUJJCL8J Vice President Trophy icon 37182
King Luey UGJQ90U2 Member Trophy icon 36605
getGood 8LRUVC8P Senior Trophy icon 36466
GraNoah Bar 90VPCJJVJ Member Trophy icon 36073
DeityxDiablo 290JCC8CU Vice President Trophy icon 34958
D☆WDLE ULVCJP9V Senior Trophy icon 34334
Master Oogway RPYVL0P Senior Trophy icon 34032
REIGNcloud YYVUCRV Member Trophy icon 33404
🥀⛩FMC🎋 9G2JLCL8U Member Trophy icon 33303
JustinDreams V2PV9UCL Senior Trophy icon 33082
ItsMrMillerTime Y0P9RGR Member Trophy icon 32847
east|alifia🖤🥀 2G8JQCYC9 Senior Trophy icon 32804
ItsSilverScout RY8J8J2 Member Trophy icon 32070
Scooch❤️Kronos 9R08QG0JG Member Trophy icon 31056
TbD//*RazZ°fK Q0RQVLY9 President Trophy icon 31039
Evan 2LYGCVY8 Member Trophy icon 30761
n00bs CLURRUYR Member Trophy icon 30023
STORM 8CPGRGVR Senior Trophy icon 29182
DnD|Saavedrà 28UVU2YLL Member Trophy icon 28702
Leon P0PP0VV9V Member Trophy icon 28687
Mitsu 9LVRPVPR Vice President Trophy icon 28364
TBD || Jappi CJVQ2YUP Member Trophy icon 28285
Neodymiux 9GYUYYGP2 Member Trophy icon 23081
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