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World-wide ranking: 200+

Club country: Germany

Part of:  Legendary Alliance

Club Info

Social icon Current members:
12 / 100
Trophy icon Current trophies:
164660 (Trophy icon 13722 )
Trophy icon Required trophies:
Clanbadge Recruitment status:
Club status icon Open
Description icon Description:
Wir ziehen um zu LuXus Gaming



Club Members

Player name Tag Role Trophies
Markus YYCC20Q Vice President Trophy icon 16812
thekaenguru V2V2PY9 Member Trophy icon 15760
Deathoger 2UVVR8YU Senior Trophy icon 15749
Bull YQUVP0JR Senior Trophy icon 15179
Ph1L YPYJ8R Senior Trophy icon 14875
Pilokon 8Q0LUG8C Member Trophy icon 14860
BiBo QYYGJU0P Member Trophy icon 14768
Bot 1 8YYRVPL2V Member Trophy icon 14233
Su.sO 2L9Q9LP0 Member Trophy icon 14144
Känguru und co. 2RRUQC9C Member Trophy icon 14071
lrd.red 9U28UJP9 Member Trophy icon 13957
╰─═ই➴͜God✯͜͡ই─╮ 2GYVU8G2P President Trophy icon 252
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