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World-wide ranking: 200+

Club country: United States

Part of:  Team Clovers

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12 / 100
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72487 (Trophy icon 6041 )
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πŸ€ Official Team Clovers Band πŸ€ Twitter: @TeamClovers_ πŸ€ Subscribe to Maty BS on YT πŸ€ Discord: qTN7HqD πŸ€ #BleedGreen πŸ€


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Club Members

Player name Tag Role Trophies
TC|Matyβš”οΈ 8UVRQUJ9U Member Trophy icon 13154
Ev1113 8PUYJY99 President Trophy icon 12687
ricardomilos 2QL289UU0 Member Trophy icon 11481
Lil'C GGG89L8P Member Trophy icon 10040
TBest 8GCUPQUYY Member Trophy icon 6839
ITA-Leobomb 89LYJLJ0V Member Trophy icon 6390
progamer4life 9Q2L8RRRV Member Trophy icon 2935
Goldschleim 9QPPQUY8L Member Trophy icon 2886
MSFTchris J2PJL2JR Member Trophy icon 2443
Stellar10 8J8RPJUU Member Trophy icon 2135
martixsss 8Y0GPYPCC Member Trophy icon 1393
yenen m. kaan 98G9VGY0G Member Trophy icon 104
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