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World-wide ranking: 200+

Club country: Denmark

Club Info

Social icon Current members:
16 / 100
Trophy icon Current trophies:
242760 (Trophy icon 15173 )
Trophy icon Required trophies:
Clanbadge Recruitment status:
Club status icon Invite Only
Description icon Description:
Nothing unusual about this club.



Club Members

Player name Tag Role Trophies
㊙️Slidiix㊙️ LPRRV0Y Member Trophy icon 18454
SunBentley 28JQYRL0 Member Trophy icon 16826
Yde VYPQ8JP Vice President Trophy icon 16262
DaTiger VPPC2Q Member Trophy icon 16170
OWNato JPPG2 Member Trophy icon 15008
GonKöZ 908R88Y Member Trophy icon 14780
DracoYouTube LQGULV Member Trophy icon 14652
Ich Ich PRRUCRQ Member Trophy icon 14489
Latino_V01 2Q09RQVQ Member Trophy icon 14431
CanYdedigit 202QCJCL President Trophy icon 11555
Lvl 1 Yde RJUC82C9 Member Trophy icon 9498
MZ GGQLV08U Vice President Trophy icon 8116
Rayleigh >.< 2GVJCC99 Vice President Trophy icon 6089
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