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World-wide ranking: 200+

Club country: United States

Part of:  Nova Poseidon

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33 / 100
Trophy icon Current trophies:
401026 (Trophy icon 12152 )
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Club status icon Open
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Namaste🙏, 🏆For tournament &Prizes, join discord .gg QqXXBtz,📱WhatsApp:982509755,Syndicate System, 🎥 YT:ISGaming.IndianBrawle


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Club Members

Player name Tag Role Trophies
Syndrome VJ2PJGJY Member Trophy icon 15754
Arvindhraaj 2JUYVQRY Senior Trophy icon 15488
trisul-ind 80Y8UJG President Trophy icon 15219
KnuckleHeadNB36 RLU2PGG2 Senior Trophy icon 14379
Lucky PUQVVQQ2 Senior Trophy icon 14377
vedha 8RVRGLGC Senior Trophy icon 14324
hades 9G0G8U2RY Member Trophy icon 13721
HARSH-BAID 2L202VGL Senior Trophy icon 13718
Pratham VQRP92UV Vice President Trophy icon 13282
rsking17 8R92UJ2 Senior Trophy icon 13246
talentedplayer YC2J8LQ Senior Trophy icon 13242
Neet68 9VV80202 Senior Trophy icon 13061
❄️Frost❄️ 2GJGPLY Senior Trophy icon 12977
SneaKy LGVRJJQ Senior Trophy icon 12971
ÑØØB∆VARDHU 20RUVR29C Senior Trophy icon 12966
404 • KaushaL 2JC8UUJ Member Trophy icon 12808
BÈÅST獣RØCKØ 9Y992J9JG Senior Trophy icon 12503
hyper king JJ8CYQ8P Member Trophy icon 12389
Ajith 2YC00QYQ Senior Trophy icon 12240
Flood 9RG9JVQJ2 Senior Trophy icon 12108
⤤ɱβ¤× PYG008Q Senior Trophy icon 12009
kota princess 2JCGJQUQU Member Trophy icon 11907
⭐️Shubham ⭐️ 2JQ098L22 Member Trophy icon 11387
BEAST 2R20JQC98 Member Trophy icon 11011
P_NOOB UJG2RQC9 Vice President Trophy icon 10571
KARMAJALE 28Y82PVL Member Trophy icon 10497
funny bunny JPYC09U8 Member Trophy icon 10284
aayush 2R0RL9YYL Member Trophy icon 10114
◆GODMUAZAY◆ YGJJ9LQ8 Member Trophy icon 10051
You 88GGQ8J Member Trophy icon 9945
,riki, JL229Q29 Member Trophy icon 9368
atomic gaming 8YRC0PCL2 Senior Trophy icon 7003
Asif Moulvi V2PGV29P Senior Trophy icon 6106
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