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Club country: United States

Part of:  Tribe IranTribe Gaming

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12 / 100
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374235 (Trophy icon 31186 )
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Tribe Iran | ACTIVITY•LOYALTY•RESPECT | President:IR|🥀TAHAˢᵏʸ |Telegram:@TribeGP |#TRIBEWINS |وار لیگ خیلی مهمه


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Club Members

Player name Tag Role Trophies
IR|🥀HØŠȘİĘŇˢᵏʸ 2GJPP9L0L Vice President Trophy icon 37245
🃏Paradox🃏 9Y0YPPY9U Senior Trophy icon 36906
Soroosh PY8CPLQRV Member Trophy icon 34222
Master of fight 8JUU982 Member Trophy icon 34170
IR|🥀ŇØBÔĐÝˢᵏʸ 9JVUP9VL Vice President Trophy icon 32430
HEXARD YPGJ0UCP2 Member Trophy icon 32418
IR|🥀TAHAˢᵏʸ GGCYLGCL President Trophy icon 31454
SAM 8JCL8CY8V Senior Trophy icon 30176
HOSSEIN JG8YUPPG Senior Trophy icon 29058
IR|🥀ALIREZAˢᵏʸ PRUUV090 Senior Trophy icon 28665
IR|🥀ŠĘŃÄŤØŘˢᵏʸ 9RQ2CQU00 Vice President Trophy icon 24251
ムЯムⓢみのムŋg£Я QPUYCPVG Member Trophy icon 23240
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