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World-wide ranking: 200+

Club country: United States

Part of:  Nova Aus

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30 / 100
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978995 (Trophy icon 32633 )
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Club status icon Invite Only
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Nova <c8>Australia</c> • discord.gg/novaaus Full? ↓ <c8>Nova Aus III</c> • League Focused Teams Required • <c9>Legendary III</c>


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Club Members

Player name Tag Role Trophies
2D|flengrins UCQ0JYC Member Trophy icon 48501
Ultra 29LVG8892 Member Trophy icon 41917
🔥X-Fire24🔥 8YPCYC88Q Senior Trophy icon 40227
2D|BottleNC😀💅 2YL8VR2Y8 Member Trophy icon 39639
Dptp 98YPRQV Vice President Trophy icon 36850
FAIZ 92CPP9QRU Member Trophy icon 36519
Schrotz 8CVC2GLV President Trophy icon 35671
Dirtchirps YT GGQR2VCU Vice President Trophy icon 35504
HydroOblivion3 CV8R0Y8L Member Trophy icon 35073
♦️KingCrimsøn♦ YPCCQU02 Member Trophy icon 34914
RONALD PLVCVVLQQ Senior Trophy icon 34592
Steve’s 9LQCCC00V Senior Trophy icon 34383
thomas2468 29YL2RYUC Member Trophy icon 34041
༺deusuyen༻ 2JJUQ92UJ Member Trophy icon 33667
❄️|Frosty64💎 PQGQJVC22 Member Trophy icon 33331
A4Ranger JJGG9PC Member Trophy icon 32567
Crow Main 2UYGJGRGV Senior Trophy icon 32282
xtermenator 2LLGPQYQR Senior Trophy icon 32061
XxhunterxX 8GRCJVG22 Member Trophy icon 32041
Dinco 8L2L8CQ9 Member Trophy icon 31185
GabesM8 8JLVJYG9 Senior Trophy icon 30834
csi 2L80Y0UL Vice President Trophy icon 29853
✝️ฟ۵اfی✝️ 2028R88R0 Senior Trophy icon 28610
DarkNighter PQYJ00PU Member Trophy icon 27702
C-J Y2L00CJR8 Member Trophy icon 27279
༄ᶦᶰᵈ᭄✿Protect࿐ 92C92C2QL Member Trophy icon 25248
little damage 8LJL9VYY Member Trophy icon 24437
DUMMY | KSP 2PY0CV9QV Senior Trophy icon 24143
The Master YGLV2L92 Member Trophy icon 23598
Bazzdogy 9GGC2VQUG Member Trophy icon 22326
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