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World-wide ranking: 200+

Club country: India

Part of:  Tribe United

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14 / 100
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157723 (Trophy icon 11266 )
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Club Transferring to Aqua eSports. Join now! Clubtag: #P9RY0CCJ, thank you for cooperating with us! ❤️👌



Club Members

Player name Tag Role Trophies Level
Jmag™ RRRQ8YUY Member Trophy icon 12601 Level icon
Togata✨Mirio 8U90LY Senior Trophy icon 12367 Level icon149
B4NGB4NG 9P90PR8 Member Trophy icon 12068 Level icon
lightning 8GLP90LY Member Trophy icon 12016 Level icon
Cloak 22QQQPJU Member Trophy icon 11909 Level icon
Wennier PVVV0GG Member Trophy icon 11798 Level icon146
GamerLegend 2209CLUUR Member Trophy icon 11791 Level icon
MtLGang514 9PGUY8CL Member Trophy icon 11778 Level icon100
Dice Y8LYLG Member Trophy icon 11759 Level icon
HAM xflod PPYGGYJ Senior Trophy icon 11704 Level icon166
Ben 98VG9CC Member Trophy icon 11683 Level icon134
OzyLuvsWomen 2G2GYYUU Senior Trophy icon 11486 Level icon
JK_YouTube 2PUVYQ Vice President Trophy icon 10885 Level icon150
KO CJV0ULQL President Trophy icon 3878 Level icon40