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Club country: Canada

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99 / 100
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934483 (Trophy icon 9439 )
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Top 15 in Canada and top 100 in the world | Be kind and stay active | ♦︎ᎠᎬᏉᏆᏞЅ♦︎


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Club Members

Player name Tag Role Trophies Level
ML16 2R2GR982 Senior Trophy icon 12532 Level icon156
JJIVOR CYYCG0G0 Member Trophy icon 12499 Level icon
Cam 9LYQG98G Senior Trophy icon 12168 Level icon136
LastAnomaly 8JQPUPG Senior Trophy icon 11826 Level icon133
Mees?? 22P0U2LG Senior Trophy icon 11716 Level icon150
MCBOSSGUY 29QGP0PG Senior Trophy icon 11704 Level icon159
BlTCHY QVRJ08Y Senior Trophy icon 11660 Level icon
SilverBullet25 22JVQ9LG Senior Trophy icon 11557 Level icon126
★Ω mega★ 2V0GUYYL Senior Trophy icon 11453 Level icon154
Bubbles 9RJQ8UG0 Senior Trophy icon 11232 Level icon122
IceSniper13 9J09LYUY Member Trophy icon 11155 Level icon145
Berend 2R0LL80R Senior Trophy icon 11011 Level icon130
☄️StephCurry 2C82P2YQ Senior Trophy icon 10773 Level icon155
Buts LYQ9C80 Member Trophy icon 10771 Level icon150
ZeH RP8CP2QJ Member Trophy icon 10548 Level icon
GTR 88CLC828 Member Trophy icon 10493 Level icon163
Rmckeen 8202GY82 Member Trophy icon 10486 Level icon
Boomer 2GCRC99 Vice President Trophy icon 10427 Level icon129
PrinsMaurits JQPPG8P Member Trophy icon 10414 Level icon107
grizlylechat CL009UV Member Trophy icon 10307 Level icon
JKeezy 828LCJ28 Member Trophy icon 10191 Level icon147
pookycoast 28808GUG Member Trophy icon 10129 Level icon159
dreamfang R9V90YLR Member Trophy icon 10101 Level icon
Rank#1Casual 2Y9PJU Member Trophy icon 9951 Level icon161
M4ENY 8QCL9JG0 Senior Trophy icon 9888 Level icon112
Nillenpeter 9LYQR0V8 Senior Trophy icon 9819 Level icon108
F8 2P9VCYL Member Trophy icon 9796 Level icon
beast 8Q2YCYL Member Trophy icon 9731 Level icon
Paul YT 8RCRPCPV Member Trophy icon 9698 Level icon
TACO MAN P98G2VQ Senior Trophy icon 9689 Level icon159
☄⚔κʀɸωϰ⚔☄ 8C992QLR Member Trophy icon 9680 Level icon
Scottehboy GGRCC9 Member Trophy icon 9627 Level icon
McPoopington 2P8LVJLV Senior Trophy icon 9626 Level icon102
itzGUCCI R0Y9VL0 Senior Trophy icon 9588 Level icon140
IMAJGEN 8Y28200G Senior Trophy icon 9522 Level icon128
xYolo_ 2GQYCJR9 Member Trophy icon 9398 Level icon
Lordus CYCU989Q Member Trophy icon 9365 Level icon
king JJLPPG0 Member Trophy icon 9353 Level icon
Icket JL0000R9 Member Trophy icon 9352 Level icon111
TwiXie RQ0Q20JV Member Trophy icon 9316 Level icon
jjchau 2GU8V90Y8 Member Trophy icon 9280 Level icon
T’u « ma » dre 8L2VC28G Member Trophy icon 9262 Level icon188
Gabe_GreatsX 2LJ00VYL Member Trophy icon 9225 Level icon
Blitz L2GPYQC Member Trophy icon 9189 Level icon
WayneC 220VYUV Senior Trophy icon 9189 Level icon124
JDB 2GRQYL0 Member Trophy icon 9133 Level icon138
SupaDude 2QL2RJYJ Member Trophy icon 9098 Level icon
Tyler VY8LQ02J Member Trophy icon 9025 Level icon
Cyyn YLQJUUG Senior Trophy icon 9023 Level icon137
ToXiC UV2R2L Member Trophy icon 8990 Level icon
Evan Y92G2J2 Member Trophy icon 8979 Level icon
hugebeast 9RPGU9Q Senior Trophy icon 8955 Level icon124
Willdebeest PL8RP2C Senior Trophy icon 8887 Level icon117
Big Bubba RR9P20V Senior Trophy icon 8881 Level icon130
Papaceit J22VP8U Senior Trophy icon 8841 Level icon112
Jarj 2GLU9JUG Senior Trophy icon 8810 Level icon161
Zayne J9YJRGV Senior Trophy icon 8773 Level icon116
alipro 88UUVUV9 Senior Trophy icon 8772 Level icon129
The One GQPRLJY Member Trophy icon 8761 Level icon99
sb 8U8G890Y Member Trophy icon 8708 Level icon116
Naters 12_YT 80R2J8LY Member Trophy icon 8678 Level icon
Synopsis 8L2CPQUV Member Trophy icon 8555 Level icon
Michael92 L2LP0LU Member Trophy icon 8536 Level icon
ghostspeed RJ0GRV2L Member Trophy icon 8511 Level icon
ㄒußßㄚ 8GL9JYJ2 Vice President Trophy icon 8463 Level icon115
fnkmstrflx P9JGLQL Senior Trophy icon 8422 Level icon112
LimI QLU92L0 Member Trophy icon 8406 Level icon118
Hexo Corp$£ 99RU0RPY Senior Trophy icon 8326 Level icon98
Laraibbal27 20JRURUY Member Trophy icon 8238 Level icon105
Mat 9UL90P Member Trophy icon 8147 Level icon113
5>Humancow 202UQ8YJ Member Trophy icon 8105 Level icon
TranslationHell P8U8Y Senior Trophy icon 7732 Level icon120
SpeedDemon Y208C0P Vice President Trophy icon 7661 Level icon187
Cyrus G0JJJRJ President Trophy icon 7598 Level icon80
Your Mom GYQPRQJ Senior Trophy icon 7513 Level icon112
Trystyn 89R9YUQL Senior Trophy icon 7415 Level icon106
Jonathan914 YP02VJG Member Trophy icon 7231 Level icon97
DevilEyesKai 89Y0Q9J Member Trophy icon 7142 Level icon112
Umbreon 28YV22L2 Member Trophy icon 7089 Level icon78