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World-wide ranking: 200+

Club country: Finland

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92 / 100
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924588 (Trophy icon 10050 )
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Club status icon Closed
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Olemme liittyneet Novan pelaajaorganisaatioon. Uusi bandi on Nova Finland


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Club Members

Player name Tag Role Trophies Level
outo UVU920LY Member Trophy icon 11474 Level icon
BOT_69 9QVC8LU2 Member Trophy icon 11112 Level icon
Fusilution J2GRQCVQ Member Trophy icon 9718 Level icon
Rasukka 9Y0YCR8R Member Trophy icon 9629 Level icon
bREA 9YQCPRUY Member Trophy icon 9479 Level icon
pigg 9LPUVGY9 Member Trophy icon 9478 Level icon
JP GJC8LRJ2 Member Trophy icon 9453 Level icon
Valdzu UG2LLRJ0 Member Trophy icon 9100 Level icon
sorry i win RG2JYGY9 Member Trophy icon 8983 Level icon
mustahukka GGQJR9GU Member Trophy icon 8843 Level icon
dark fish GUP8LLGR Member Trophy icon 8689 Level icon
1lvl UUC88CQ9 President Trophy icon 8487 Level icon
MatrixForce 9QVY8GR9 Member Trophy icon 8463 Level icon
leipuri VQ0LGRVL Senior Trophy icon 4088 Level icon
jopo UUC2QRQ9 President Trophy icon 2573 Level icon34