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Club country: United States

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69 / 100
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736157 (Trophy icon 10669 )
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if youre 11k and up join the Omen club if youre under join Omen Legends. Yump is moving homes.


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Club Members

Player name Tag Role Trophies Level
THEO VP9P2QC Member Trophy icon 11359 Level icon146
$$CH4RL13$$ GR82G8V Senior Trophy icon 11114 Level icon161
Zoozii 89UPQVRL Member Trophy icon 11024 Level icon127
⚡️Zee⚡️ 289QV828 Member Trophy icon 10719 Level icon154
Jozza JY9PJQQ Vice President Trophy icon 10637 Level icon174
Dylan 2VGGG00 Member Trophy icon 10360 Level icon161
Xpod27 9PLC2UV Member Trophy icon 9729 Level icon92