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World-wide ranking: 200+

Club country: Brazil

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83 / 100
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891707 (Trophy icon 10743 )
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Najin Royal


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Club Members

Player name Tag Role Trophies Level
Titã 22QQGJY9 Member Trophy icon 11225 Level icon164
Tibério YC82LUR Member Trophy icon 11220 Level icon
Paquetop’s U0U80JV8 Member Trophy icon 11185 Level icon132
PatrickSales 8Q2YQLG Member Trophy icon 10881 Level icon
SuperChermont23 82Y0PPG0 Member Trophy icon 10793 Level icon
☢Hunter☢ GVL8JVPY Member Trophy icon 10625 Level icon
Gabinho GGV9VLR9 Member Trophy icon 10443 Level icon112
DanVipGamer CURCPPR Member Trophy icon 9828 Level icon
Shiro C9UPC2L2 Senior Trophy icon 9614 Level icon
Alex CQJPQ89Q Member Trophy icon 9492 Level icon
Jota GRQPPC2L Member Trophy icon 9187 Level icon