Brawland Battle Insights

What are Battle Insights?

As you may have noticed, some players show more battle information than others. You see the message "Insights not available" or "Insights available". But what does that exactly mean - and why not insights for all players?

Behind the scenes - Storing data

Storing data, that's what we do at We store your data, display it and do some magic tricks to give you more information about yourself, your progress and your club. Storing data shouldn't be a big issue - Saving your data once a day doesn't take a lot of space. Battles are different. Battles can contain up to 10 players in a battle. You can play for about 30 matches an hour, what gives us... 330 rows. 330 rows, a problem? Nope, but it is a problem if we do this for 10.000 players every hour. Quick math gives 10.000 x 330 = 3.300.000 rows. Every hour. Every 5 million rows uses 1GB of our storage, making 16GB a day. That's 500GB a month. We simply don't have that amount of space available (and the ad revenue is not high enough to expand the server), so we are saving and displaying insights for specific players only.

Who are these players you're saving data for?

That's set in our system:

  • The top-200 of players (so everyone in the Leaderboard should have insights!
  • Players that are member of a club that has a partnership with us and has access to Insights (there are only a few clubs with access to Insights, usually only top 25 clubs)
  • YouTubers with 10.000+ subscribers

Can I have Insights on my own Brawl Stars profile?

We do not accept requests from players. Make sure you're in the top 200 or one of our partner clubs with access to Insights.