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Get Gems in Brawl Stars for FREE with PocketFlip

Earn Brawl Stars gems for FREE! Read more and find out how you can unlock your next legendary brawler faster!

Published: 2019-10-01 07:01:51

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5 Ways to Contact Brawl Stars Support

One of the things we frequently receive is emails from people who mistake us for the official Brawl Stars/Supercell support – we are not. As a result, we cannot help much with in-game issues. However, we have a solution for those seeking official Brawl Stars support and not an automated bot. Believe it or not,

Published: 2019-09-27 01:20:39

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Introducing BSD’s NEW End of Season Trophy and Star Points Calculator

Introducing Brawl Stars Daily’s new End of Season Trophy and Star Points Calculator! Brawl Stars Daily now has a new page that calculates how many trophies you will have after Season Reset and how many star points you gained for the reset. How does it work? The intuitive calculator is simple and easy to use.

Published: 2019-09-21 06:42:41

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Brawl Stars Leaderboard

In need to find out who's in the top 200 of Brawl Stars? Check out our leaderboards with the top 200 players and clubs!

Player name Trophies
1 STS|EmerickYT Trophy 23751
2 GuuhzeraYT Trophy 23364
3 Ugo Trophy 23225
4 Const Trophy 23170
5 Ash YouTube Trophy 23155
Club name Trophies
1 Omen Trophy 1811095
2 Spacestation Trophy 1807629
3 Nova Esports Trophy 1749754
4 ArkStars Trophy 1739921
5 FUJISAN /^_^\ Trophy 1692076